First public event of ISAAC on Legambiente's Green Train to talk biogas to citizen

A conference, entitled “The Biogas well done in Campania: is it possible?”, will be held next March 9, 2017 in Salerno on the Green Train organized by Legambiente, from 17:00

The meeting is organized within the ISAAC Project – Increasing Social Awareness and acceptance of biogas and biomethane (ISAAC), the first of a series of meetings involving, citizenship, institutions, farmers, local administrators, students.

The meeting aims to provide complete, thorough and open-minded information on best practices and technology solutions to maximize the biomass, obtained by the separate collection of municipal organic waste, through biogas production, in the frame of circular economy.

Objective of the convention is to create the right conditions to achieve an open discussion between administrators and citizens, starting from the experience gained with the plant built in Salerno, taking advantage of the presence of experts of biogas.

Giorgio Zampetti, Scientific Coordinator of Legambiente, was present on the train to talk about ISAAC project: