During the conference "Dal biogas al biometano: un nuovo capitolo per le energie rinnovabili" first results of ISAAC on social acceptance of biogas and biomethane were presented

The Interdepartmental Center “Giorgio Levi Cases” of the University of Padua, on November 17th 2016, organized the conference entitled “Dal biogas al biometano: un nuovo capitolo per le energie rinnovabili” (From biogas to biomethane: a new chapter for renewable energy).

The event, which was held in the University of Padua, was intended to provide an updated overview of the topic by addressing technical, economic, social, production and use of biogas and biomethane, covering the entire chain.

During the conference six speakers presented their work, including Lorenzo Maggioni, Head of Research and Development Department of ​​the Italian Biogas Consortium. Maggioni, in his speech entitled “The social acceptability of biogas / biomethane: the results of a European project” (annex 2), presented the ISAAC project “Increasing Social Awareness and Acceptance of biogas and biomethane” and the contents of the Working Package 2 (State of the art).

In particular, Maggioni presented the results of analysis and mapping of the most relevant episodes of dispute against anaerobic digestion plants.